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The Single Parent Project was used as a visual PSA exposing the stresses and struggles of single parenthood. The target audience was those who have not experienced or have not been exposed to single parenthood and the unique challenges presented from that situation. As a young single mother, Rachel was faced with many challenges including financial issues, scheduling work, school, and a child, as well has relationship hurdles among her friends and family. Having been faced with her own version of single parenthood, Rachel's goal was to create more of an understanding and appreciation for the challenges that single parents face. From interviews with other single parents, The Single Parent Project arose. The faces of stress paired with the direct quotes from the parent's interviewed resulted in a 6 piece collection comprised of graphite drawings, and text printed on fabric which was draped over each drawing. Rachel presented The Single Parent Project in the UGCRA Research conference in 2018 and displayed the project in the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport August 2018 - August 2019. 


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