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CASE STUDY: TDIndustries' Branding 


TDIndustries did not have a documented Brand guide to represent the standards for the company.
Specific challenges included:

  • Color palette: 8 colors 5 of which had 2 variations.

  • Branded fonts: 3 fonts with a total of 12 variations among them.

  • The biggest challenge: lack of structure and explicit instructions on how to use the provided elements. 


Create a full-fledged Brand standards document!
Specific solutions included:

  • Color palette: Creating a color palette hierarchy. Not scraping old pastel colors was a challenge but demonstrating the frequency they should be used helped clean up all deliverables.

  • Branded fonts: Focused on 2 fonts only and ensured the 3rd was used only for the text-based logo.

  • The biggest challenge: Once the document had been created, we printed 200 hard copies and distributed them to all 12 locations and every department to initiate brand awareness and ensure expectations were set.

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