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CASE STUDY: TD Brand Guide


TDIndustries did not have a documented Brand guide to represent the standards for the company. Previously, TD had hired a contract designer to define the TD color pallet and document the fonts used. Colors included 8 colors 5 of which had 2 variations. The documented fonts consisted of 3 fonts with a total of 12 variations among them. The biggest challenge included the lack of structure and explicit instructions on how to use the provided elements. 


The first solution was to use InDesign in order to incorporate the brand standards I was defining into the design of this document. Secondly, by defining the Paragraph and Character Styles for the document early on, I was able to export those Technical Writing Styles into a Creative Cloud library in order to share with others in the department. 

TDIndustries Brand Standards Guide includes:

  • Logo: Specs, Usage, and History

  • Typography: Font Palette and Usage

  • Colors: Hierarchy, Color Details, and Specialty Color Palette

  • Apparel: Color combinations, Screen Print and Embroidery Specs, and Placement

  • Social Media: Standards and Specs

  • Glossary

Branding Guide.jpg


Media Kit Banner.jpg

Creating Branded Layouts & Determining Logo White Space


Color Hierarchy Prototype


Assessment of current standards

New Guys-01.png

Defining TD's Logo, creating vector file

Branding Guide.jpg



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